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My name is Sofia. I'm a young Canadian, 22 years old, soft skin, nice round bum. Attractive and affectionate. I'm energetic and lively. I exercise daily, it helps me to stay focused and gives me extra energy for the day. I like going on dates and explore numerous restaurants and clubs. But I also like staying in with a client and chill in a hotel. I'm gentle and playful, but sometimes i like to exercise power and take control. Friendly with the ladies. Contact number:+1 (647) 952-534624

General Infos:

Age: 22
Height: 169
Weight: 49
Bust Size: Small

Nationality: Canadian
1 hour, CAD: 350
2 hours, CAD:
All Night, CAD:
Outcall escort: Yes

Escorts service

Vaginal sex
Oral sex
Lesbian sex
Pussy licking
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Wondering if I can take you out and have some fun

Hi Sofia. What are your plan for today?Can I take you on a ride?

You are stunning!

What about August 11 ( 10 am ) Richmond hill?2-3 hours

Hey babe do u like sushi?

Call rejected :(

Hi sweetheart you are beautiful and gorgeous Wish you To have Meaningful and fruitful life

Hi I’m 40 Italian Serbian mix please let me know when you have the time for a seesion



Your location

I tried calling...but no one pick up..


U available now

Hello Sofia, I hope you are doing well, Im curious, and interested in knowing you as a person, not as a piece of meat or sex object, in other words you e likes dislikes, and also what you expect or from a man, no disrespect. I truly hope you you like dogs. I say this only because sjed imshes my world, my 2nnmd skin, have a 220 kbs St-Bernard

Are you available?

Hi sweetheart you are beautiful and gorgeous Wish you To have Meaningful and fruitful life

Are you available for a out call in Vaughan

Hi u make how much gor haft hour


Hey there want some fun ?


Still up? Interested in some phone sex?


Hi are you available

Hi are u free tonight for 2 times the price

Is it too late for you to join me?

Couples threesome

Would love to spend an hour with you if you e free at any point today:)

we would like to book Friday night

Hi you look so beautiful if I book you can you please use Wet towels or wet wipes for my massage please the oils and lotions make my body feel uncomfortable thanks.


Hey im a good looking female Portuguese tanned skin. Looking for an hour with u. U will love it.

2 hours full vip for 700

Are you available

Hi Sofia, Are u available tomorrow night? Me; handsome, white, American in downtown Toronto. Very polite businessman, looking for a little fun. hope to hear from you :) Michael

Hi will you be available tomorrow tue night for outcall in Toronto downtown

will u cum to orangeville

hi will u cum to orangeviile

Hi , I and my boyfriend are interested to meet you tomorrow evening.Are you available?


My boyfriend is in bed next door....I want a woman

Is it to late for a quick date ?

150h] 300 2h



Helloo sexy how is going

Hi Are u free for an incall tonight pls?


Whats up

Hey you available ?

You available?

You available


I am intrested in meeting Sofia tosay

hi today possible

Hi, Interested in meeting today. Is it possible?

My wife and I are interested in meeting with you next Saturday, is that possible?



Can I come to your place

Are u available baby ?

Helloo sexy how is going im really interested in you

F*** dreams do come TRUE. Because YOU have answered ALL of MY dreams for the PERFECT looking GODDESS

You available

Hi are you available tonight


Did you attend Bliss Carmen



hi sofia i am wondring if i can see you today

Well aren’t you a sexy one!!

fake photos you aint no Julia Kelly

Let’s meet

Wya ?

Hi lemme know if your available for today around 4pm

Lets meet

Hey sexy !, My name is Omar and I’m visiting Toronto on a short trip . Do you do incalls and if so would 8 30 pm be good for you ?! Thanks

Sofia where your place are you pinay..

Hello there


Hey, where are you in Toronto ?

Holy ur a beauty available for an outcall

Do you do incalls

I wanna fuck u tonight!!

Are u available babe

R u available tmr at down town

Do you like experimenting with me and my gf that is curious ?

Are you available for an airport area outcall?

Are you available

Photos are fake

Hello are u free tonite

Hi there I would like your services What would be the next step? Where would we meet?

Hi is ur pic real beb if real give appointments to see u❤️

Where can I meet you? I want a lesbian experience with you

hi do you do Incalls?



Are you free right now

Are you available

Are you available ?

I’m booking you next weekend baby


Are you available today at 8:30 pm

Are you free today around 8 pm I’m in Toronto atm

Are you into BBW

Please leave me message i don have outgoing call Let me know are you free today any time

Are you free today

You into lesbian sex?

when can i meetryou

Hi wanted to know if we can meet on 8 30 Thursday for an hour .




I am sexy

I am sex

Hi babe are you available now?

Looking to meet Wednesday night But only if I should see your picture Before we meet

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r you available

Are you available on Saturday?




Hey Sofia, Are you available Now?

Hey Sofia, Are you available Now?

Can you do a call my lady

Hey whats included in half hour service and how much. And which area you are located in


Are u avaible

R. U available now

I m india i reach there on 14 we can meet on 15

I need u


Hey. What is your schedule?

Hey are your available



Hi babe are u available now

Hi when are you available?

Hi babe are u available now

When are u available?

Are you available?

Are your photos real?

Yeah right. Real photo


Available tonight?


Are you available