General Infos:

Age: 22
Height: 160
Weight: 50
Bust Size: Medium

Nationality: American
1 hour, CAD: 220
2 hours, CAD:
All Night, CAD:
Outcall escort: Yes

Escorts service

Vaginal sex
Oral sex
Role playing



Hi you look so beautiful if I book you can you please use Wet towels or wet wipes for my massage I am not a big fan of lotion and oils.


lets get together

Set us up

Got money but im a escort virgin

First time

First time

Can I see you tomorrow?

Hows your tommorow schedule looking?

Available 3;00?

How’s your tomorrow schedule looking?

Hi are you Available for tomorrow evening

When are available?

Are u available for 1 hr downtown Toronto

Are you available

Are you available in the downtown area

Are u available for 1 hr downtown Toronto

Are u available?

When you are available??


Are you available

Are you available


Are you a available

hi there

Are you available?

Are you available

Hey are you available

Hey sexy are you available

Are you available?

Can you come over.

Hi im at toronto for tonight at the sheraton? Are you avaible?

Hi there

I’m available anywhere

Can I come with you guys?

are you available

are you available

Hi there are available?

Hi there Are you available for one hour tonight?


Are you available tonight.

Are u available tonight?

Are you free tonight?

Hi babe.what kind of service and what’s your rates.

Hi babe, what’s your rate and what kind of service. Do u do anal sex

Hi like To come over Plz call Me asap

Doing a bachelor for a friend. Fiance requested a striptease; even though hes not into having random women pleasing him. He enjoys Larps, roleplaying overall and nerdy cons. So, Ive planned a pathetic attempt on scavenger hunt whereas he would need to pick up an agent during one of the scenarios. You would need mostly to roleplay with elements of striptease inside the limousine. Is it something you wouldn mind doing?

Let us have sex

Can you come over

Solo hablo español tienes lugar ?

Available for in call right now?

Are you free?

Are you free tonight?

Do you offer strap on into my anal service

And call me if u host and ur availabil for may be 2 to hours


Hi, Please advise on your availability and location. Regards.


Are you free

Are you available in Scarborough right now ? Warden finch area

Where you live im from victoria park


ar u available in mississaga